Whatever you call it, career progression is something that is important to both employees and employers. It helps with career satisfaction and staff retention, fosters serious in-house talent, enables multi-skilling and ultimately results in the best sustainable, service delivery to customers. Research shows 94% of employees will choose to stay with a company that offers them the potential to grow their career.

Here at Spokemead, we’re obsessed with looking after and developing everyone on our team by taking a real practical interest in their personnel development. Employees who have progressive career plans, often will be more willing to work over and above what’s expected of them, to show their level of dedication to a company who is equally committed to their long-term career goals. Employees will also commit to their own development which helps us become a company that will naturally attract top talent and because our employees stay longer, that helps to maintain our credibility in the marketplace.

Of course, the benefit of being part of the Kinovo group means we have a larger pool of talent we can choose from, in the same way as individuals working within the group have the huge opportunity to choose from more roles. Or when more senior roles become vacant in another part of the group, people can go for it.

James Hiron, Contracts Manager did just this when he moved from his successful career at Purdy to join us at Spokemead as Contract Manager.

James comments: “From day one on the tools at Purdy, I knew it was the place for me. My willingness to learn, supported by Purdy’s training and development meant I quickly progressed to being a supervisor and then Assistant Manager. I am now responsible for a 5-year project which is looking after domestic testing and remedial works across 1000s of people’s homes. One of the best things was I took on this new position as a form of sabbatical, so Purdy gave me a safety net in case I didn’t like it and wanted to go back. It’s a really low risk career progression option!

“Because I have done the job, I love being in a position to give the team practical support and my phone is always on to help with any queries. Team work here is key and through my time at Purdy, I learned how to make this happen. When the business talks about its values and commitment to sustainability and social value, I am living proof that they live these values. Between Purdy and Spokemead, and ultimately Kinovo, I have reached a place in my career that I had never foreseen and am excited for the future.”